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Tracey Marks is the daughter of Johnny Marks who has a fabulous singing voice in her own right. Tracey first appeared at a young age on the scene singing with her father Johnny Marks in the 1980's at various venues, and attended country music festivals around the UK. Tracey's first solo track was 'Right Or Wrong' on one of Johnny's earlier albums. She then recorded 'No Time At All' on the Merry-Go-Round CD in the 1990's.


This is the first CD that Tracey has released. Although Tracey had the choice to release a solo album, she wanted to create an album with her father Johnny Marks. We believe this is a blend of subtle and up tempo tracks, which compliment each other perfectly.



Tracey unbelievably at the moment is only a part-time recording artiste, and song-writer. Writing the lyrics for the album track for the CD 'Hand In Hand', we believe should be a firm favourite for listeners and fans of the album. We also commend the way Tracey sings the song so well with Johnny. We can understand why this particular song was chosen as the album title track.


Tracey at the moment is solely a recording artist, but with a voice like she has, and the song writing capabilities she possesses, it's only a matter of time before she is releasing more albums.


In our opinion just like her father Johnny Marks, she will create a strong fan base and move into recording full time.


Country Music Reviews 2011